The Voyager

There, a land full of stories
 Where people come and go
Some leave lessons, some leave memories
Coming with yes, going with no

There, a land full of flavors
Once getting sweet, once getting sour
Sometimes it conveys everything
Sometimes it hides something

Here, a land without an inhabitant
No wonder if it would be
It was always merely a visitant
Not to live but to see

Once, the land was covered
Preparing itself to be shattered
Everyone had run
Making it awaited for no one

Once, the land hoped for no stranger
And all it had was a voyager
He set down from his ship
Tried to take a dip

Here, the voyager endured experiences
Taking pleasure, suffering disease
Enjoying the sun and the wind
Passing through the storm and the rain

Now, the land and the voyager
To be the place and the owner
Never plan for how many hours
Simply remain for the endeavors