So, how do I get here?

In retrospect, writing has instilled me with ineffable power to survive the peculiar universe I have been trying to stay. It plays a huge role in my life in sickness and health. I remember the first time I started writing was after reading a stack of my dad’s journals. I was likely inspired by his poetic words, telling readers of what happened in his life and more, his true self. It was something like a legacy to me as I did not know most of him. Then, without knowing much about the benefits of writing journals, I followed his steps to begin journaling. I started small, by writing all my feelings toward my childhood friends and my family. I kept all my secrets there. I would rather tell the diary than my friends or my mom  as if it was my best friend slash therapist. Anger, sadness, joy, and all colorful marbles from the movie “Inside Out” resided in my journals. Turns out, it becomes a habit until now helping me to regulate my emotions.


I actually did not realize until I was an adult that I have aspired to be a writer since I was little. Once, I wrote an unfinished teenlit novel for a publishing competition. It was titled “Teh Poci”. Unfortunately, I did not submit it on time because having no computer at home cost me to go to a computer rental. Of course it delayed my work as I could not commit to save some pocket money to regularly come back and forth. But, well, the draft was scrappy anyway. No regrets.


Besides, if I could track back a little further, my interest in writing supposedly reflected on an amateur project I had with my childhood friends: making a super short, unfinished movie about friendship. I wrote the script, shot the scene and directed my younger troops (yes, I was the eldest). Unconsciously, the scene repeated in my high school. In my second and third year, I did a little acting and directing consecutively for school’s annual drama competition.  Lucky enough, my class was awarded third then first place. But well, no big deal.


Long story short, since a very very long time, I have dreamt about publishing a novel, writing a script, and participating in the movie industry. I don’t know what slow me down all this time, but the dream seems to have faded in and out. It is not like I’m ungrateful for my current writing career. I just wish to fulfill my long-held aspiration. Hence, this website exists to be my training terrain. Here houses a series of my short stories revolving around fictional characters on Amygda Land, a collection of Poems, a number of my subjective Review of movies and books, as well as my Journals of certain life-related thoughts. 


Hope you enjoy the visit and keep coming back. Should you have anything to discuss or project to collaborate, please shout out through following contact form.