The privilege of being a writer is when I play the role of a God. To determine a character’s life based on my imagination, my thoughts. I feel deliberately powerful, so much to be superior over inferiors. I control everything. The plots, the people, the life, everything. I can torture characters and make them laugh all in the same time. I am so lucky to be one. Although I have never really put those characters on real publication or even finish one well-compiled story as a book. I wish I will. Soon. That is why this site emerges to the complicated world wide web. At least, I have a medium to channel gruelling scenarios in my head at instant.


I refuse to be called a pro because I believe everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to literary works in any forms. I’m just someone who loves to write and create some passages to trigger some sparks inside the readers’ mind. They could be arguments, happiness, and even plain emotion (yes, feeling nothing is also an emotion). Some of my works here would be written in Indonesian and English. Why? Because I am an English Literature graduate but I’m a proud Indonesian, too. By writing in English it means I’m trying to keep up with my English skills and likewise with the Indonesian pieces.


Anyhoo, I’m really open if you want to contribute to this site for example to publish your short story on my Amygda Land, your poems in Poetry, film and book analysis on Review, or any opinions on Journal. Let’s make more people love to read and write! Last but not least, enjoy the site and poke me if you have things to discuss.



Aulia Meidiska