Amygda Land: Where it all started

Here is a land where anything could happen. A land where everything seems possible. A land where romantic stories are worth to be passed on, families are reunited, and friendships are worth fighting for. A land full of hopes, promises and surprises that connects its people with the history and culture.

Here is the land where it was founded as an escape from bitter reality. The land where two people were very much in love in the journey of starting a new life together, building the future ahead of them. Here is the perfect land to have a reset button and start something anew, to mediate between the past and the future. A perfect land to reconnect with one self. 

Everyone, here, is welcomed to stay and pleased to leave however and whenever they may depart. Everything, here, is like a mixed bag. The people who come and go fly from different parts of the world. No one is purely a descendant. Also, the weather. Sometimes the weather can sooth happiness all around. Sometimes it mellows one’s heart and soul to the bone. And some other time, it may indulge people to kill each other in anger. But, it’s only some other time. Only when the very dark cloud with thunder and heavy wind arrives without warning. Or when the scorching sun brings out the brightest light of all like almost blinding people even if they are wearing sunglasses. 

Despite all that has happened to Amygda Land, this land is still worth visiting or probably living in. Because of all the flaws that this island embraces, Amygda Land becomes a perfect place to tell and store fascinating stories. Only one thing to remember when you are ready to visit: open your mind and heart as wide as possible to tuck in the stories. Some stories perhaps require longer time to chew and swallow. But, it’s okay if you feel uncomfortable and need to step back. No one is holding you hostage. 

Hope you enjoy your visit!



From everyone on the land.


Some notes for our fellow visitors:

  • People in Amygda Land speak two languages: English and Indonesian. Please be wise to pick which language you are going to use to enjoy the visit. If you speak both, great! Glad to hear that!
  • Amygda Land is parted into 7 provinces: Anglia, Basola, Thalia, Almonda, Medi, Cortica, Terra where Almonda is the capital city. You may read some of these words across the stories, so hopefully you can get used to it. 
  • If you find some stories that seem not to make sense,or find similarities of names, circumstances or events that reflect the outside world,  don’t take it too seriously. In the end, many things in this peculiar universe can be considered fictional. If you see yourself as an extreme rationalist, maybe Amygda Land is not a particular place to explore. You can come back later whenever you are ready.